Commitee Team Descriptions

How do I get involved? We are seeking diverse, ambitious, and creative Kellstadt graduate students who will serve on the KMG committee teams. We believe in life-long learning through experience and will work with you to find an area where you can put your expertise and leadership skills to practice. As a committee member, you will be able to grow your skills and network by working closely with faculty, alumni and other graduate students to build programs and events at Kellstadt.

How do I apply? Email your resume to, along with a brief introduction, what position(s) interest you, your skills/qualifications, and why you want to get involved in KMG. Note: you do not have to be a Marketing student, we welcome students from all backgrounds. Open committee positions include:

Available committee positions:

  • Business Development Committee: Assist Board with various strategic business development initiatives that align with KMG’s mission, including proposals revenue growth, new technologies implementation, recommendations cost effective solutions to KMG’s overall operations, site enhancements, etc.
  • Sponsorship Committee: Primary role  is to help generate revenue by identifying and qualifying corporate sponsors, contacting and managing relationships with potential business partners, and enhancing our sponsorship packages.
  • Technology Committee: help KMG improve the utilization of their technological resources including updating the the KMG website (Squarespace), maintaining KMG accounts, and find ways to improve KMG online presence.
  • Graphic Designers. Develop creative for print and digital (i.e. flyers, handouts, booklets, and various graphic content).
  • Writers/bloggers. Great opportunity to get published on our website! (also looks good on the resume). We’re looking for new content & posts on topics of professional development, leadership, marketing, innovation and more.
  • Webmaster. Update and manage our website (Squarespace).
  • Events Committee: help lead and manage logistical coordination of KMG hosted and sponsored events, including event logistics, registration, surveys, follow-ups, informational flyers and more.
  • Digital Marketing: grow online and mobile engagement to grow the KMG brand, including conducting surveys and marketing analysis, graphic design, video content creation, etc.
  • Social Media: find ways to improve follower engagement with KMG communication channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), including community building, drafting content, design, and insights analysis.
  • Photographer/Videographer Help us capture important moments, also help us build our brand identity though key projects.

Committee members can join for year-long commitments, or work per event/project basis, depending on your availability. We seek contributions for content, writing, photography, videography throughout the year. If you have other ideas/skillsets you would like to contribute to the KMG team, please let us know!

Where we are

1 E Jackson Boulevard, suite 7500
Chicago, IL, 60604
United States